Missing my Korean Language class

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I woke up this Saturday morning feeling a bit different. I realized that today I won’t be going to Palma Hall at UP to attend my Korean Language lessons. You see, for the past two months (April-June), I’ve been attending Module 1 of Korean or Hangul Language lessons. Last Saturday was our last meeting. I was feeling a bit nostalgic, I guess. Plus the fact the Module 2 also starts today. As I earlier wrote, I don’t have the luxury to attend the 2nd module because of other priorities. I hope that the department will offer it either November this year or summer next year.

Oh, did I mention that I placed 4th highest in our final exam? And I was awarded Most Active Student and the 2nd Best Student? *grins* I wasn’t expecting such recognition but I’m thankful that my efforts reaped results. I hope that what I learned, I ‘d be able to remember and apply when it’s time.

I miss my classmates in the class. I miss having lunch with my girlfriends who were also my classmates. I miss the fun.


Learning Korean: Session 10

Yes! I passed the Korean Language Exam. Which means that I passed the Basic Korean Language Course. I am really happy that I got to enroll and eventually learn Hangul. It gives me great pleasure that I know now the basics of at least one foreign language.Module 1 (which I took) is followed immediately by Module 2 which will start in July. I’m feel kind of sad because I will not be able to continue with it because I have other priorities. Plus the fact that I might be traveling soon.

After the short review session, the class had lunch in Woorijib, a Korean restaurant in Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City. Seonsaengnim also gave our certificates of completion and also he gave some special awards. Pictures to be posted on my next entry.

Overall, I’m really happy with the outcome of the Korean language sessions. I would love to continue learning Hangul, if time permits. Moreover, I would also love to learn Chinese and Japanese. 🙂


Learning Korean: Session 9

It was our second to the last session. Our final exam was also scheduled this meeting. The first part of the exam was the interview. It was quite nerve-wracking because when Seonsaengnim spoke in Hangul, I was dumbstruck. I guess, I was hit by what they call mental block, eh? However, I was able to answer his questions satisfactorily, I think. 😉

The second part of the exam was the written part. It was not hard but it took me a while to get through the test. Although I can read Hangul, it still takes me awhile to read and understand the sentences. I just hope that I’d be able to pass the exam.

For our last meeting, Seonsaengnim will give us the results and we will have some enrichment lessons. We will also have lunch together as a class for our culminating activity.

Learning Korean: Session 8

It’s the 8th meeting! I went to class feeling sick. Actually, I feel that I’m going to have a cold. Anyway, I’m such a bad student because I crammed studying and doing my assignment. I woke up at 5 in the morning to finish all the stuff that I have to finish. The term photo-finish really applied in this case.

In class, we had exercises in reading and listening. However, I really had difficulty concentrating because I was not feeling well. Seonsaengnim also announced that for our 9th meeting, we will have our final exam. Good thing, it is scheduled on the 9th. We have at least 2 weeks to review for it.

But for now, I’m going to rest and drink lots of fluids. I’m sick. 😦

Learning Korean: Session 7

I went to today’s class so weary. I’ve been under tremendous stress for the past few weeks (seems I’m always stressed) and I feel so drained and tired. Anyway, for the Korean Language class, I only managed to leaf through some pages of the handbook and answered the homework on verbs and conjugations.

I wasn’t sure if I answered it right. I just answered it for the sake of accomplishing the assignment. I only had the chance to quickly review the contents of the quiz today while I was riding the jeepney going to UP. Oh well, I feel sad that I wasn’t in my element this morning but I guess my energy is zero.

Seonsaengnim asked us to do an interesting assignment. I think it would be cool but the contents will be boring. I will post the assignment before I submit it on Saturday. I’ll try to be as creative as possible. I hope I still have my creative juices.

Learning Korean: Session 6

Session 6. Again, we had a quiz. I was able to answer all questions. BUT I’m not sure whether I got them all correct. I got abit confused in writing characters in Hangul. I should pay more attention on how each character is written for a particular word.

Anyway, we had a review of the number system. How to write/say one’s birthday and one’s phone and mobile number. We were really surprised that telling the time is THAT COMPLICATED. I have written that there are two Korean number systems and each is used in a particular way. However, both Pure Korean numbers and Sino-Korean numbers are used in telling the time. For the hour, Pure Korean number is used while for the minutes, it is Sino-Korean number. It can really be confusing and complicated. Below is a Romanized table of the Sino-Korean numbers so it can be quite tricky. One might think that it is easy. But when it’s in Hangul already, it’s another story. Just click on the image to enlarge.

image from sungwh.freeserve.co.uk

Seonsaengnim also introduced how to conjugate words from their dictionary forms to informal or formal endings. We were also given an assignment on how to conjugate words. For the next few meetings, I think we will concentrate on grammar and sentence construction. Aja! Hwaiting!

Learning Korean: Session 5

Korean consonants (image from wiki.galbijim.com)

Yes, I’m halfway through my Korean language lessons! Five more meetings to go!

We had a quiz on the Korean number system, which I think I failed. Ha. ha.  It was easy enough but I got distracted. Instead of writing my answers in Hangul characters, I wrote it in Romanized version. I only realized the blunder I made when there was a few minutes left before submission. I was able to alter my answers into Hangul but there were a couple of items left that I wasn’t able to answer anymore. Oh well..

As I wrote in my previous entry, the lessons get more complicated and difficult. I just have to put in my best effort with the remaining 5 sessions.  Aja! Aja! Hwaiting!

Learning Korean: Session 4

After an almost two-week break, my basic Korean language class met again. This time, for the fourth time. And my goodness, it was quite difficult getting the groove back. I had difficulty answering and finishing the assigned pages because work has been piling up one after another. I go home dead tired and unable to study well the assigned topics. I’m not justifying why I cannot study well. It’ my responsibility.

We had a quiz. I’m not sure if I answered the questions correctly. He he. Oh well, that’s a student life.We also learned how to use numbers. So next meeting, we will have a quiz again, this time about numbers.

I’m just thankful that our Seonsaengnim uses humor when he teaches. We have some funny moments in class. Learning is still fun. 😀

Learning Korean: Session 3

Our Korean language lesson took on a higher level last Saturday. Aside from the writing exercises that we had to submit, our Seonsaengnim emailed us 2 vocabulary lists that we have to memorize  and practice reading. As if the basic classroom expressions that we have to memorize and practice are not enough!

We had a quiz! I’m not so sure if I passed it. Ha ha. Anyway, we had practice reading during the class. All the new terms and expressions introduced in the class keep on piling up. I don’t know if I can manage and remember them all.

For our assignment, Seonsaengnim asked us to read, study and even answer pages 37-62 of our handbook. It’s quite a handful because we won’t be meeting next Saturday. So, there is almost 2 weeks break. But our next lesson is about numbers. I heard that it’s a lot more difficult than the previous lessons. Oh well, good luck to me! 🙂

Learning Korean: Session 1

I decided to take the plunge! I enrolled in the 10-week Basic Korean Language Class which I wrote about  here. The first class which took place last Saturday was, I admit, overwhelming.  I’ve always considered my self as a learner and a student. I love learning new things but this time, I’m quite afraid and anxious. I guess, it’s because it’s the first time that I’m studying a foreign language. I didn’t have Spanish in College, it was optional that time.

practice set

According to our Seonsangnim (teacher), it can be really difficult because one has to memorize the vowels and the consonants, how each character is written and how each is pronounced. I was really overwhelmed during the class. I don’t know if I can memorize all that characters and if I have the time to do it. There is a “surprise quiz” every meeting (Hmm, sounds like me when I teach, ha!) and loads of assignment. And…I’m working and I plan to read at least 3 books a month. Oh no! My reading time will definitely be cut short. *sigh* How can I do all of these?

sample of writing exercise

Anyway, I’ll see if I can do this. But I’m decided to finish the 10 sessions and make the most out of it. However, one can never tell.

By the way, one thing positive about the class – our Seonsangnim! He is funny, not boring and can make the lesson easy to understand. I hope he stays the same until the last meeting.

Aja! Aja!