RA Addiction: Sir Guy, how despicable yet handsome can you get?

I have a nightly dose of Richard Armitage by watching Robin Hood. In Episode 2 titled, “Sheriff Got Your Tongue,” there’s only a brief appearance of Sir Guy at the beginning. I was lamenting on the fact when my mom pointed out that Robin is the lead and Sir Guy is one of the villains. Oh, ok… 😀 Nevertheless, his brief appearance took my breath away. I’ve included some of the photos for everyone’s pleasure.

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In the third episode, “Who Shot The Sheriff,” I think there’s more of Sir Guy compared to the previous episode. I just love it when he smirks and he glares at people with his piercing blue eyes. But I also liked the way he smiles a bit when Marian is around. I just wish that I’m her. Ha ha. This is total fangirling. Some photos are included in the slide show as well. Anyways, the sheriff gets on my nerves while Much is soo funny. I like his punch lines.

Now, I’m down to the last episode of my free DVD copy. I dread watching the fourth episode tomorrow night. I do not think that I will be able to go on without obtaining the next episodes. Where, oh where will I get them?


RA Addiction: Sir Guy of Gisborne is Hot!

I have two approaches of de-stressing or relieving stress: READING and FANGIRLING/FANDOM. Such approaches can also be seen as forms of escapism. Sometimes, a workaholic like me needs a break from it all.

Anyway, I was ecstatic over acquiring a DVD copy of Robin Hood (BBC series) and I wrote my story here. It turns out that the copy I have features the first four episodes of Series One. Hurray! My only problem now is how to get the succeeding 35 episodes. *sigh* Oh well…

I confess that I’m watching the series because of the handsome and brilliant Richard Armitage, who plays the villainous Sir Guy of Gisborne. So in the first episode, “WILL YOU TOLERATE THIS?,” I was more anxious of Sir Guy’s appearance than that of Robin of Locksley, who by the way, is played by Jonas Armstrong.

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I find Robin actually charming and cute. But what can I do? Sir Guy is so intense and broodingly handsome. My mom who saw a glimpse of Mr. Armitage’s photo as John Thornton in my laptop and mobile phone already remarked on his good looks. But she was even more impressed when she saw him in Robin Hood. And so it turns out that my Mom is my Robin Hood-buddy.

Episode 1 was fun to watch. It was very entertaining. My mom and I would laugh so hard in those funny moments. I would often find my self waiting with bated breath for Sir Guy. He has such deep and rich voice that I melt every time he speaks . I cannot wait to see more of Sir Guy again. Now, I’m reduced to puppy-eyed fangirl. Ha ha.

I’m seriously thinking of going around hunting for the succeeding episodes. I fear that I would not rest until I have acquired all of it.

Mr. Armitage, see what you’ve done to a woman like me?

Surprise Find: Robin Hood BBC Series

Surprise! Surprise! Just when I thought that I would not be able to find any work of Richard Armitage here in the country, this DVD landed on my desk! Actually, this copy was bought by one of my staff assuming that the copy she is buying is the Robin Hood movie starring Russell Crowe. Hah! It turned out that the copy is that of the BBC series starring Jonas Armstrong as Robin and of course, Richard Armitage as the dark and villainous Sir Guy of Gisborne. *swoons*

My staff member knows that I love Richard Armitage because I use his photo as my avatar in my yahoo messenger and was so kind and sweet enough to give me the DVD. Yes! However, the copy contains only four episodes and I’m not sure yet what episodes are those. I’m positive that this would only whet my appetite; I know that I would be restless until I find the other 35 episodes. Poor me!

Anyway, it’s better that I have 4 episodes of him than nothing at all. 😀

Thank God for DVDs!

Last Easter Sunday, I got to watch three movies.  Thank goodness for my DVDs.

I realized that I’m such a pathetic moviegoer. It was only last Sunday that I got to watch AVATAR. When I told my office mates about it. They were dumbfounded. Yeah, I’m such a loser. Ha ha. I found the movie very entertaining. I wish that I had seen it in IMAX or even just a plain movie theater. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more. I won’t write a review of the film because there are lots of it online. The story is quite simple and unoriginal but I liked the lessons that it wished to impart. I absolutely loved the the animation technology it employed. Very colorful, creative. I was like a kid watching the movie because I was gushing and enthusiastic while watching the film.

And then I watched THE BOUNTY HUNTER, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. I watched it without any expectations and I’m glad that I didn’t have any. Because it was certainly unremarkable. It was entertaining enough. I liked Gerard Butler more in The Ugly Truth.

image from wearegeeks.com

The last movie that I watched was 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. Now, this got me interested. It’s not a typical boy meets

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girl and they fall in love story. This time, only the boy falls in love. The plot was so unpredictable and it really bites. I was feeling sorry for the guy and was really getting angry with the girl. But when this scene happened:

Summer: I woke up one morning and I just knew.
Tom: Knew what?
Summer: What I was never sure of with you.

I was like, “Oh. Right. Big Time.”  So very true.  I liked this movie a lot because it took on a different approach on falling in love and on relationships. No sugarcoating.  I was utterly charmed.

Happy Find: Confucius DVD (2010)

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Ever since I learned that there is an epic film about the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, I relentlessly researched if the film will be released internationally. Or, I hoped that a DVD with English subtitles will be available soon. Imagine my surprise when I found a copy of the movie…and yes, with English subtitles! I bought the movie along with “From Paris with Love” and “The Hurt Locker.” (Erm, my mom loves action movies so I bought the latter two for her)

P.S. I already watched “From Paris with Love” and found it entertaining. Of course, with John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyer, it was definitely fun. On the other hand, I didn’t like “The Hurt Locker.” Probably because I don’t really like war films with all the gore and blood. However, I feel for those soldiers who had to fulfill their duty in spite of the horrifying things they have seen in Iraq.  As for Confucius, I will watch the film probably this weekend. I hope I will not be disappointed.