KMM’s new film is officially titled “Man of Vendetta”

Here is the trailer of KMM’s new film, Man of Vendetta. With English subtitles, of course. In theaters in early July.

Credits: MyungMin International and kimmyungmin10 (YT account)


Korean film: The Demolished Man’s poster is out

I’m such a bad fan. I missed this. Grrr. Anyway, better late than never.  I was shocked when I came across the poster of Kim Myung Min’s latest film, The Demolished Man. The poster makes me want to bawl.

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And the official trailer was released today, April 28. Check the trailer at MyungMin International (MMI). The film is set to be released July 2010. I cannot wait!

For more details, check out MyungMin International website.

Film: My Love By My Side/Closer to Heaven (Korean, 2009)

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After the long wait, I finally got a copy of “My Love by My Side/Closer to Heaven.” Readers may find my impressions on the film biased as I’m known to be a fan of Kim Myung Min. 🙂

The film is about a heart-wrenching love story between Jong Woo (Kim Myung Min) and Ji Soo (Ha Ji Won).  Jong Woo is afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s disease but with good humor and strong pride while Ji Soo is a funeral planner who loves him in spite his condition. Both come to terms with Jong Woo’s illness as it slowly takes control of his muscles and eventually his whole body, rendering him paralyzed.

Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won gave outstanding performances. Ha Ji Won is one of the best among the Korean actresses. But I would like to sing praises to of course, Kim Myung Min, because of what he did in this film. To be able to realistically portray a man who suffers from a degenerative disease, he lost weight from 72 kg to 52 kg. Kim Myung Min was really brilliant in his performance and was so immersed in his role. I especially love his eye movements when he was paralyzed already from neck down. He conveyed his emotions through his eyes. This is what I love most about Kim Myung Min, every part of the body is so expressive, he is able to communicate even with the subtlest movement.

There is only one thing that bothers me: I just felt that the film focused more on Ha Ji Won than Kim Myung Min. All right, all right, it’s the KMM fanatic in me. But I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that it was more of Ji Won’s film rather than Myung Min’s. Oh well…

4 out of 5 Stars