Adieu, June!

There is no love lost between the month of June and me. I’m just glad that June is coming to an end. June is not really a good month. The reasons range from personal to professional. As I am someone who works in the education sector, June, which coincides with the opening of classes, is a very busy and stressful month. Talk about enrollment, opening of classes, troubleshooting whenever problems arise, compliance and submission of requirements to several educational organizations and a whole lot more. It is indeed a grueling month that I do not have time for recreation and would often come home dead tired. I didn’t have time to blog even…just look at my entries for this month! Only 7 (including this one)!

Not to mention some personal concerns that I have. June reminds me of the passing of two family members who were influential to me – my grand uncle and my dad. Whenever June approaches, I would often have that feeling of nostalgia and melancholia. There is a pervading feeling of being “down and out.” Furthermore, this particular time, I have been thinking a lot about plans and life in general. I guess, I would have to make some major decisions soon.

As June draws to a close, I am filled with hope that July is going to be better and brighter.

So long June, until next year!


I’m still alive and kicking!

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. I have not blogged for quite some time because I have been busy with enrollment and school opening. I have been doing this for years now. Hmmm, come to think of it, I just realized that I have been in my present work for five years already. I started in June 7, 2005. How time flies, eh?

Since I’m so dead tired, I don’t have the energy to think about anything and write. I hope that once I’m rested, I’d be able to blog again. Oh well, enrollment is until the 21st. So until then….

June Blues

  • I have not blogged in days.       
  • It’s been a crazy past few weeks.
  • Work is really exhausting.
  • I have not been feeling well too.
  • Burnt-out alert is so overwhelming.
  • I miss reading.
  • But I need to study for my Korean classes. 
  • And I need to seriously study for my exams in August and September.
  • So much things to do but I feel so drained and dead tired.

Despite of all of my rants, I’m thankful that there are blessings along the way. Thank God for my vitamins A, B, C, and K. 😀

Thursday Rants

This entry is rant-y, so I suggest please skip today’s post if you do not feel inclined to read.

I’ve been working really hard for a couple of weeks now. Yeah, I work hard all the time but for the past few weeks, I was pushing my self too hard. And now, I feel drained and dead tired already. And to think the semester has not yet even begun! Oh well…

Classes are about to begin in three weeks time and I’m trying to compress all the things to prepare before enrollment, which starts on the first of June. Oh well…


Post Election Thoughts

image from

As I monitor the results of the first automated elections in the country, I cannot help but ponder on one thing:

The Philippine Electorate still has not learned.

I write this because of many reasons:

1.)    As I see the names of the Top 12 in the Senatorial race, the frontrunners are still traditional politicians. Those who have been in the Senate for so long are now in the process of being re-elected…again. Even those who would be first timers come from political families. I’m so disgusted. God knows, what they will do in the succeeding years in office.

2.)    The MARCOSES are back. The son of the deposed President Ferdinand Marcos, Bongbong Marcos, is in top 12 of the senatorial race. While his sister, Imee Marcos, is elected as governor of Ilocos Norte. Their mother, on the other hand, is winning a legislative seat in Ilocos Norte as well. Oh well, I can understand that Ilocos Norte is Marcos country but for Bongbong to garner enough votes and land a seat in the Senate. What are we thinking?

3.)    ERAP, a deposed president, who was charged for corruption and plunder, is in second place for the Presidential Elections. While some people are surprised with this, I am not. I recall that I made a forecast among friends that it’s going to be between NOYNOY and ERAP in the end. It only means to show that ERAP is still much loved and he has still many supporters.

4.)    GMA, the outgoing president, is winning by a landslide in her district. She is running for a legislative seat. Who would have thought a president who will end her term will immediately run for a much lower position? I’d say someone who really wants to stay in power. I cannot help but think that she might have ulterior motives, like shifting the form of government to Parliamentary and she becomes Prime Minister. I don’t know…

Obviously, I’m ranting here. But how can I not? I just hope that people would still be vigilant because we will never know when our leaders will betray our trust and serve their own personal selfish interests.

Rants again…

April has just started but I feel that it’s been a tiresome, challenging and draining month already. This is a rant post so just skip this and move on the previous entries.

1) Preparing for graduation is really an exhausting and emotionally-draining activity. While I know that students themselves are stressed waiting for their grades and the confirmation of whether they have hurdled all obstacles, the preparation for the graduation rites can be darn demanding. One more week to go!

2) Aside from graduation matters, I’m also busy planning for the upcoming summer classes which will commence on the 19th. Again, a great deal of preparation is involved here.

3) I’m also changing records for accurate record-keeping, which will then be used in the first semester in June.

Plenty of things to do. But I’m so tired and wasted already. Look at my office table below. I’ve managed to finish some tasks already so the pile has lessened.

My office table

Tomorrow, Friday, is the start of a long weekend. It’s a holiday. I’m still contemplating what to do, because I have a list of things that I need to accomplish:

1) Do the household chores – laundry, clean the house and sterilize water; or

2) Attend a lecture-series on counseling; or

3) Look for a dress.

Hmm…well, let’s just see.

Easter Monday realities

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Ok, back to reality. The long weekend is over. Back to work.

I just came from working over time. Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Graduation! The dreaded day is exactly 12 days from now. And with the days left, we are preparing all that is needed for the commencement exercises.

But before that, I just spent the whole day talking and conferring to students to eventually know if they are indeed graduating or not.  Professors just submitted their grades today and I’m expecting more grades to be in tomorrow. I’m also kind of emotionally drained because I also counsel those who did not make it. It saddens me too.

I will be busy until the 17th. I hope that I will have time to blog because blogging does help me in de-stressing. I was thinking of writing about the movies I watched during the break. If my schedule permits then, I will certainly write and post it.

Working late…

I’m still at the office and it’s already 6:oo PM. It’s the time of the year again. Preparing for graduation and planning the schedule of classes for the incoming school year.

This morning, I arrived at my desk and it was full of papers. One co-worker who is just sitting across me joked that we cannot see each other already because of the piled up folders and papers on my desk. But I was surprised that at the end of the day, the folders and papers were gone. And I’m actually working on a different set of pile at the moment.

I guess, I do have the energy to work non-stop, well, at least for today. I hope that my energy supply will be limitless as I will surely need it until school opens in June.

Am I workaholic or what?

The Heat is On!

The heat is really killing me. I just wish that the intense heat can actually make a person lose weight. If it actually is the case, I would have lost several pounds already. This only proves that I’m REALLY REALLY desperate to shed off those pounds. 😦 Bleh.

And the fact that I can’t seem to think and write. The heat makes me lazy. I know…excuses, excuses!

Oh well… 😦

Time of lies and empty promises

The campaign for the National Elections officially started. It’s carnival time again, as one newspaper headline pointed out. A time when politicians give out empty promises, tell bunch of lies.

Rather pathetic and pessimistic view of the current political landscape, right? But despite this seemingly hopeless situation, I will be involved. I will vote but I will vote wisely. I will participate in the coming elections.