2010 in Retrospect

Japanese Garden, Maymont, Richmond VA, Oct 1, 2010

2010 was such an amazing year. Reflecting on the year that is about to end, so many things have happened that I came up with key words that would best describe it.

Blessings. Surprises. Possibilities. Opportunities.

Decisions. Beginnings (Hellos). Endings (Goodbyes). Challenges.

However, I have also listed some of the highlights of the year.

Graduation and Recognition: I graduated from my MA in November 2009 but it was only in April 2010 that I got to attend the College Recognition program. During the recognition program, my thesis got recognized as one of the finalists for the Best in Thesis category. In addition, my thesis also got shorlisted in the 4th Lourdes Lontok Cruz Awards for Best Thesis in Women and Gender Studies. I’m so thankful that my work has been recognized for its quality.

Licensure Exam: Last August, I took the Licensure Examinations for Guidance Counselors. I started my self-review sessions way back in May but barely had time to really study because I had to divide my time with work and my preparations for my US trip. It was a grueling and stressful two days for me but I’m so grateful to God that I passed the examination!

PHD studies: Before I left for the US, I also took the DATE (Doctoral Admissions Test in Education) and was able to hurdle it. I enrolled into the program during Second Semester and I’m currently working on 6 units. Honestly, I feel very unsure of myself as regards the subjects that I’m taking now, particularly, Individual Testing. Testing is one area in Guidance which I consider my waterloo. I’m not familiar with all the tests that we are going to administer and so I feel ill-equipped. I really have to do a lot of work on this area. There’s the challenge, I know.

Travels: I’ve been blessed to have traveled to different places this year. At the early part of 2010, I was able to go to the old city of Vigan, although the circumstances for the said travel were quite unpleasant. Then, at the latter part of the year, I was lucky enough to have been granted visas to the US and to South Korea. Last September, my mom and I went to the US to attend the wedding of my only sibling. I stayed there for a month and was able to go sightseeing in Virginia, Connecticut, New York and Washington, DC. This trip was not really planned and was such a surprise because I didn’t really expect that I would be granted a visa. I’m really grateful to God for making it possible. Thanks also to my sister who made sure that this trip would push through. And then in October, I went to South Korea with my friends. This trip was the “planned” one for the year. This was actually our “dream trip”, being the Korean entertainment enthusiasts that we are. It was a grand adventure and we had so much fun! I would really love to visit Korea again. God has certainly blessed me with these wonderful trips.

Seoul Heunginjimun (Gate) (Dongdaemun, South Korea, October 2010)

New Job: I have finally made the leap. The offer of a new job came at a time when I felt that it was time to move on and explore other opportunities. All I can say is that God certainly laid out His plans for me very well. He has such perfect timing!

Reading and Books: I finally had the chance to read books that are waiting to be picked up in my bookshelf. However, for this year, I think I managed to read about 11 books only. I lacked one book, to at least make it – one book per month. I just hope that I would have the time to read again, even though that I have started my doctorate studies.

Fangirling and Fandom: And I thought that my year would be without my fangirl tendencies. But no! Aside from my usual Kim Myung Min addiction, I was introduced to the world of Richard Armitage, an English actor. This paved the way for me to meet other people from all over the world who support his works. This also led me to read books written by English authors such as Gaskell and to watch English films or mini-series.

Richard Armitage

Weddings: My sister; a friend from my MA barkada; two friends from my undergraduate barkada; and one former co-worker, tied the knot this year. I was part of the Bridal Entourage in two of these weddings.

Death: The family bid goodbye to my uncle (my dad’s brother) who succumbed to lung cancer. It was such a shock to us that he was diagnosed to have the big C. I take comfort in the fact that he is now beyond suffering, illnesses and pain and that he and my dad, along with other relatives, are together now at the other side.

Friends: I am a people-person. I have been blessed with friends who are supportive and who would stick with me through thick and thin. This year, I have been equally blessed by meeting new friends whom I actually feel that we have been such for so long. I don’t know, call it – karmic ties, having the same wavelength, just being comfortable with each other, or just simply hitting it off. I am just so happy to have these beautiful and wonderful people in my life. I’m forever thankful to Big Bro for sending them to me. 🙂

So that was 2010 for me. Quite a year, huh? My heart is so grateful for all that has happened, be it good or bad.

Major major thanks, Big Brother!


3 comments on “2010 in Retrospect

  1. I’m about to close 20morethings…so walang website. Wow, congratulations on the licence and the PHd acceptance. Aral na naman. I’m glad to know people like you (and ma’am myra) who are pursuing PHds and all that. It keeps me fueled in a way since majority of my family are pursuing a totally different ‘career’ or education compared to me.
    It’s amazing how one year can be filled with so many things when we take time to look back. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Mary! Happy New Year! I have missed you in the blogosphere. I kept on visiting your blog but found no updates. So sad to hear that you’re closing 20morethings. But you’re still going to maintain your other blog, yes? And gathering books, right?
      Thank you! It was such an awesome year. I still have moments of doubt regarding the PHD thing but your kind words inspired me. 🙂

      Good luck on your journey this 2011. Keep in touch!

      • Yup. I’m still keeping GB and my other blog. 20morethings has ran its course. Its harder to maintain given that is thematic and posts are generated daily. Also, the other people co-posting on 20 have also become too busy to commit to submission. Ah well. But do check out my other blogs. 🙂

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