Somewhere I’ve never traveled

I traveled to Singapore on my own. It was a great adventure. It was pretty exciting exploring the sites all by myself.  I’m really thankful that a very good friend and her family welcomed me with open arms. I fell in love with the country. I think it would be nice to live there.

Images of Singapore 2009

Below are some snapshots of the places I’ve visited. There are actually more than 500 photos taken during this trip. I’m thinking on whether I’ll make a photo journal of the places I’ve visited or update my flicker account. However, the photos from this trip have been uploaded in my multiply and facebook account.

I want to go back there again! Such an interesting place!


Starting the journey

I realized that I have not posted anything about my travels.  So much for having my blog entitled, “Journeys and Destinations,” huh?

Actually, I have not traveled much in the past years. I was too busy with work and writing and finishing my research paper. I did manage, however, to travel out of the country for the first time in September 2009. The trip was a gift to my self  for having finished my graduate degree and because I have not had any vacation since I started working in 2005.  I’ve been dreaming of journeying to somewhere I have never traveled all by myself.

So, where to? During that time, a friend who is based in Vienna was traveling to Korea and she suggested that I meet her there. I’ve always wanted to because of my…ahem…addiction to Korean entertainment but it seemed to be an elusive dream. First, there is the visa application and second, a trip to the “land of the morning calm” would cause about 50,000 pesos. However, I had considerable savings at that time and the possibility of meeting or even seeing my favorite Korean actor, Kim Myung Min, was enough reason for me to immediately ask for a leave at my office and apply for a visa. But alas, maybe Korea was not yet for me. My application for a Korean visa was rejected. I was heartbroken…yes. But I realized that there is somewhere else that I wanted to travel to.

And so, I went to Singapura…or Singapore. My fascination with Singapore started in 2005 when I met a very special person (obviously, a Singaporean) who made me realize that I still have it. What we had was just one simple conversation but it felt very comforting and uplifting. We managed to see each other again once after that brief conversation but we did not have the chance to talk again. I have not seen that person since then.

Heh. I’m turning mushy and sentimental already.  But I would just like to share what started my interest in Singapore.