How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

How to Train Your Dragon is a computer-animated fantasy film created by DreamWorks Animation based loosely on the book  with the same title.

The story takes place in a mythical Viking world where a young Viking teenager named “Hiccup” aspires to be “one of the tribe” by becoming a dragon-slayer. However, Hiccup is seen to be “different” as he is perceived to be weak and interested in other things. His father, who happens to be the tribe’s leader, has excluded him in anything that pertains to fighting dragons and has relegated him to help in the armory. Surprisingly, Hiccup was able to capture a dragon but is unable to kill it. He befriends this dragon and calls him, Toothless. When Hiccup’s father decides to enter him into dragon training and consequently learns of his son’s friendship, misunderstandings arise. Furthermore, the tribe’s blind “fixation” in slaying all dragons complicates matters.

I watched the film without any expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised with it. It made me laugh so hard and I was utterly entertained. It chased my blues away. And I found Toothless adorable, cute and sweet. I love Toothless’ eyes, very expressive for a dragon! 😀

I also liked how the relationship of father and son was developed in the course of the film. Furthermore, I also liked how the film depicted that it is not always right to conquer or kill when there is a possibility for both human and other species to co-exist. In this case, the dragons are not enemies, they can be friends or even pets. 😀

Lovely film.


Thank God for DVDs!

Last Easter Sunday, I got to watch three movies.  Thank goodness for my DVDs.

I realized that I’m such a pathetic moviegoer. It was only last Sunday that I got to watch AVATAR. When I told my office mates about it. They were dumbfounded. Yeah, I’m such a loser. Ha ha. I found the movie very entertaining. I wish that I had seen it in IMAX or even just a plain movie theater. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more. I won’t write a review of the film because there are lots of it online. The story is quite simple and unoriginal but I liked the lessons that it wished to impart. I absolutely loved the the animation technology it employed. Very colorful, creative. I was like a kid watching the movie because I was gushing and enthusiastic while watching the film.

And then I watched THE BOUNTY HUNTER, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. I watched it without any expectations and I’m glad that I didn’t have any. Because it was certainly unremarkable. It was entertaining enough. I liked Gerard Butler more in The Ugly Truth.

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The last movie that I watched was 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. Now, this got me interested. It’s not a typical boy meets

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girl and they fall in love story. This time, only the boy falls in love. The plot was so unpredictable and it really bites. I was feeling sorry for the guy and was really getting angry with the girl. But when this scene happened:

Summer: I woke up one morning and I just knew.
Tom: Knew what?
Summer: What I was never sure of with you.

I was like, “Oh. Right. Big Time.”  So very true.  I liked this movie a lot because it took on a different approach on falling in love and on relationships. No sugarcoating.  I was utterly charmed.