Those Mesmerizing Eyes

I miss Richard Armitage. I have not read any news about him in the last couple of months. Hmm, not because there are no news about him but because I haven’t had the time to surf and research about the latest developments.

I’m posting some pictures, which really caught my attention. Those which emphasize his piercing eyes, one of his many glorious assets.

North and South (

Spooks (



Obsessing over Richard Armitage

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I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it but I just have to blog about him. Period.

I recently discovered Richard Armitage when I came across “North and South,” a miniseries produced and aired by BBC in 2004. In the series, Richard Armitage, a relatively unknown actor, portrayed John Thornton.  His compelling portrayal of the young  cotton mill owner was considered a breakthrough performance as he earned critical acclaim as well as legions of fans (mostly female, but of course!). Moreover, it paved the way for his career as he also landed on several meaty roles: the villainous Sir Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood (2006-2009),  as Harry Jasper Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley (2006-2007), and the sexy and mysterious Lucas North in Spooks (2008-present), to name a few.

As John Thornton

Different faces of John Thornton (Richard Armitage) -1

John Thornton is a self-made man who knew what it is like to have nothing. He incessantly worked hard to improve his family’s dire conditions. He is seen by his workers as a strict and no-nonsense employer. He, in turn, sees and treats his workers as “hands” which makes him appear rather tough and uncaring. His world was turned upside down when he meets Margaret Hale with whom he instantly likes. Margaret, however, dislikes him.  Differences in background and beliefs compounded with misunderstandings and prejudices, John and Margaret each has to struggle and realize different aspects of life they have never explored before.

Different faces of John Thornton (Richard Armitage) -2

Richard Armitage (RA) depicted John Thornton as the ultimate brooding romantic hero.  Although his characterization is described as serious, tough and yes, brooding (he will be best remembered for this), he managed to let the audience see that his character has this certain vulnerability. And that John, too, has his own strengths as well as weaknesses. Despite being imposing and stern, RA was able to engage the audience by his charm.  He absolutely nailed it! I would say that RA is a brilliant and an effective actor to be able to make the audience fall in love with John Thornton who is a very complex man. RA’s deep and rich voice, endearing smile and smoldering eyes were a great addition to the delightful package of Mr. Thornton. It’s no wonder why I’m obsessively in love with John Thornton and Richard Armitage.

Different faces of John Thornton (Richard Armitage) - 3

I just wish that I have more access to his works. I have only seen “North and South” and I was wondering if his other works are available here in the country. Oh well, I’ll check and maybe, just maybe, I’d find some DVDs soon. In the meantime, I’ll continue to daydream about him. *swoons*

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