The movie addict in me

I love watching movies. This goes to show that I’m really an “audio-visual” person. 😉

In the previous weeks, I have been re-watching movies and a bit of series online. It has been one coping strategy for me.

To add to the list:

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Little Women (1994).  Based on Louisa May Alcott’s book with the same title, this movie was really entertaining. I loved the book when I read it in high school and I liked the movie as well. It has a star-studded cast, with Susan Sarandon as Mrs. March, Winona Ryder as Jo March, Trini Alvardo as Meg March, Claire Danes as Beth March and Kirstin Dunst as the younger Amy March. The actors who showed their acting prowess were Christian Bale as Laurie and Gabriel Byrne as Prof. Friedrich Bhaer. The book chronicles the lives of the women of the March family – their struggles, affairs of the heart, sorrows and triumphs. I particularly liked the stories of Meg and Jo. The film for all its outstanding qualities has its limitations too. I felt that it was too short to be able to include all of their life stories. However, I was happy that it focused on Jo’s blossoming love affair with Mr. Bhaer.  Many viewers were put off with Ms. Ryder and Mr. Byrne’s partnership but I was too happy to see Mr. Byrne as the warm and kind Mr. Bhaer. I just love him!

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French Kiss (1995). This movie is one of my all-time favorites. I have seen this film many times but I just can’t get enough of it. Maybe because Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline are both my favorites. I admit that I’m biased when it comes to this film. Regardless of the plot, I fell in love with it just knowing that Ms. Ryan and Mr. Kline are in it. Ryan’s acting, most especially in comedy, is so funny and refreshing. Kline is one superb actor. I discovered him in Dave and I was smitten ever since. He is so talented and funny. I just love an actor who can really make me laugh without even trying. I adore the chemistry between Meg and Kevin. I can’t help but laugh out loud when they throw barbs at each other. They are so natural together. I felt that they were not even acting. This is one movie that I’d often watch whenever I feel blue. I miss watching Meg and Kevin. Their projects now are few and far between.

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The Lake House (2006). This film is remake of a Korean film entitled “Il Mare.”i have watched the Korean version and loved Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae (what a hunk!).  When I first learned that Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves were the main actors in the US version, I was ecstatic because I like Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves a lot. I had a rewatch a week after Valentine’s Day, if I remember it correctly. Another feel good movie.

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The Accidental Husband (2008). I came upon this movie…accidentally when I was looking for something to watch during a stressful time. It made me laugh. Uma Thurman was absolutely gorgeous as the love doctor while Colin Firth was really funny in his stress-eating Englishman character. It was my first time to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan (I think I have seen him before but he did not leave an impression) and I found him charming. The plot was too impossible to happen but I found it funny and refreshing. I particularly liked the ending. I just hope that Colin Firth will be be given a role which would not relegate him to second best. I miss seeing him in the title role.  Next time, perhaps?

So here are the movies which made me smile and fall in love. It’s been good. Really good. 😀


Delicious way of coping with stress

I’m actually under tremendous stress lately. However, I’ve rediscovered a way of coping with it. My previous entries were about movies and series, right? I’ve made it a point to watch movies or series during the weekend to relieve me of the various strains of my job. In the past, I used to watch Korean series and movies. My current tastes focus on English/British period movies and dramas. And I’ve found several worth watching, as I wrote in my previous entries. The heroes and heroines have swept me off my feet! The truth is, the presence of smokin’ hot heroes reduces me into a lovesick girl. 🙂 Hmm, which I think is much better than being harassed and negative, don’t you think? 😉