Study time!

The months of May until August are devoted to studying. I have to read several books in Counseling, Guidance, Group Processes, Assessment/Tests, and anything related to Guidance and Counseling.

I hope to study well and hard.

Goodbye to reading-for-pleasure. At least for now. But I will still continue to blog about anything and everything under the sun. Just no blog entries about books. Or…let’s just wait and see. 😉


Feeling Tired and Wasted

I’ve been feeling tired and wasted the past couple of weeks. I can think of several reasons why.

First, I’ve gone on a diet. I’ve lessened my carbo intake, which means that I only eat half cup of rice during the day or sometimes…none at all. I was advised not to fore go carbohydrates completely because I need energy all day. Although, I still eat pasta whenever I want. I can’t completely take it out on my list.  I eat lots of vegetables nowadays. I’m thinking of going vegetarian but I don’t know if I can do it. I have lessened my meat (pork and beef) consumption but I have difficulty not eating chicken and fish though. I also started skipping sodas and artificial fruit juices. I’m on water and green tea too. I guess my body is still adjusting with the change in diet.

Second, I’ve been working on student records the past few days. The bulk of papers as well as checking all entries have drained my strength. There’s a lot of troubleshooting involved since there are entries which needed verification and validation. This is really a busy time of the year. No rest for the weary. Bleh.

My 10 things-to-do for 2010

2009 was an eventful year. It has its ups and downs but I’m really grateful for all the blessings and learning experiences I have had during the year.

It is my practice to write my 10 to-do list at the beginning of every year. For the year 2009, I have managed to accomplish four out of the ten tasks that I listed. Yay!

For 2010, here goes my list:

1. Work on breaking my paper down to chunks and submit for publication or presentation.
2. Involve myself in research project/s
3. Possibly enroll in another Master’s program or well, PHD program
4. travel more (and possibly with my mom)
5. spend less
6. save more
7. get in shape and shed off pounds gained during the holidays– I have to attend to two weddings (as of my last count)
8. read at least one book or two books per month
9. Be active in community service again.
10. Work on my 4 secret tasks