Missing Kang Mae

I’m missing my acerbic-tongued Kang Mae. I plan to have a Beethoven Virus rewatch soon. I need to have my happy pill so I’m going to get some from Kim Myung Min. I’m re-posting a blog entry which I wrote in November 10, 2008.

Just Can’t Enough Get Enough of Maestro Kang

When I first learned that Lee Ji Ah is having a new series, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I loved her in The Legend and I couldn’t get enough of her. So, I was really ecstatic about this series. However, my enthusiasm was somewhat dimmed when I saw some photos used as promotional materials. Oh, I love Lee Ji Ah and I like Jang Geun Suk; but what really caught my attention was the “older, far from handsome and mean looking” orchestra conductor, who forms the last part of the triumvirate. My mind was like, “WTH? That’s the male lead? He is so…not handsome! How can I watch that?”

Oh God, I was really mean, I know, but at least I was honest enough to say that. So, I had second thoughts watching BV, honestly. I was so used to seeing hunks as leads in dramas and the image of “that man” stalled me for about a month. But then, I remembered that my main reason for wanting to see this is Lee Ji Ah! So, I said, “Ok, I’m going to start this and then I could just stop if I don’t like it at all, right?” I started watching it reluctantly …

A Change of Heart

Yes. I definitely had a conversion; a complete turnaround. Instead of having LJA as the main reason for being addicted to BV (Well, she went down to second. LJA lovers pls. don’t hate me! I love her too.), it was the “older, far from handsome and mean looking” orchestra conductor who kept me glued to my computer screen and patiently wait for the video streaming to finish.

Maestro Kang Gun Woo, Maestro Kang or simply Kang Mae (a nickname given by his orchestra members), is a renowned orchestra conductor. He is brilliant, awesome and really excels in his craft. However, he is the least likeable character in the series… at the beginning at least. For one, he looks very menacing with his stoic appearance. He is snobbish and intimidating; he thinks himself as God; and possesses an acerbic tongue. He is a total jackass! He is known to be an orchestra killer because he does not last in an orchestra for more than six months, either members had to quit; thus orchestra had to disband or he simply leaves. Need I say more?

Beneath the very proud egoistic facade, there is so much hidden inferiority complex and fear, often camouflaged by his aloofness and merciless sarcasm outlook in life. But no matter how despicable he behaves, hints of kindness would come from him from time to time. The feared conductor is an epitome of someone whose bark is much, much worse than his bite. Despite his abrasive and callous behavior, I’ve completely fallen in love with Kang Mae.

This is all because of the superb and brilliant performance of Kim Myung Min. His endearing portrayal of the maestro was flawless that instead of despising his character; I was “utterly, utterly charmed” (God knows, how many times I’ve used this phrase to describe how hard I’ve fallen!). I couldn’t imagine how a hateful character can be as charming and loveable at the same time. Only a great actor like KMM can pull it off! It’s the first work of KMM that I’ve seen and I proudly admit that I’m an enamored fan of this underrated yet exceptional actor. I’m just so glad that he has been given good and challenging roles over the years. Plus, people are starting to notice his intense performances (case in point, he won the Daeksang Award last November 1 for his role as Maestro Kang in BV while it is still airing).

KMM rocks; Maestro rocks!
KMM is LOVE! Kang Mae is LOVE!

Photos from: MBC


Things I Miss

Since assuming my new post last November 2009, there were things which I dropped like hot potatoes. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to…due to lack of time. Moreover, I had to focus my full attention and concentration on my new assignment.

Here are some of them:

1. MyungMin International. This is the International Fan Club for Kim Myung Min that I helped build with some good friends. We started brainstorming sometime January 2009 and the club was born March. We then launched different projects as the months progressed and we managed to get in touch with KMM and his management. Imagine our joy to learn that KMM and the management are open to the possibility of a collaboration. We launched the website on KMM’s birthday last October. We never expected that membership would blow up. My last count right before I became busy with work, there were about more than 100 members. My guess is, there are close to 200 members already. Just before Christmas, I received word that MyungMin International or MMI has received its official status. I’m really ecstatic about this. I miss my work there. I miss the girls, my fellow international fans. I wish I had the time to be involved again. But, time is not on my side. I’m afraid to commit and not be able to do something for the group. I hope that I’ll be able to clear some tasks at work so that I can visit freely the club, the site and the forum. I MISS MMI! And it hurts really…

2. Fangirling about Kim Myung Min. I miss him totally. Since I’m inactive at MMI, I don’t hear news about KMM. Good thing, Michi, a very good friend and fellow MMI-er, posts news at Facebook. Once in a while, I do receive news about him. I miss doing fan work for him.

3. Watching Korean dramas. My friends know that I’m a Korean drama addict. I would watch one series after another. Or if I’m in my hyper and excitable self, I would watch two or three series simultaneously. The last series that I was able to finish was “Accidental Couple/Six Months/The Fool” starring the awesome Hwang Jung Min and that was in May 2009! I remember, I still have to finish Kim Myung Min’s 104 episode “Immortal Admiral Yi Soon Shin.” I have finished 46 episodes already, 58 to go!

I really, really miss indulging in my Korean addiction. I wish that I would finally find the time to do it.