US Trip, Day 26-27: Packing and TV overload

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Five more days and I’m heading back home. I started packing my luggage yesterday morning. I remember a friend who told me that packing stuff especially when travelling can be really stressful. It really is true. I had to re-arrange things and transfer several items from one bag to another to avoid having overweight bags. Furthermore, I had to leave some stuff which my mom would bring home after two months. Oh well, that’s life. One can’t really have it all, eh?

Today, I’m on TV overload again. I guess, I’m just compensating because I know when I get back. I’d be swimming or rather, drowning in work. So, I will watch all shows until my eyes hurt.


US Trip, Day 25: Reading and TV Marathon again


I now have time to do things that I did not have the chance to do. More reading and more TV marathon! I swear, it seems that they never run out programs to show. It only means one thing. That I really did miss a lot.

US Trip, Day 22-23: Miscellany

For the past two days, I’ve been doing different things. Shopping, TV marathon and of course, reading. We shopped for some stuff needed in the house and some of the stuff that I will be bringing home in the Philippines. Furthermore, I have watched countless of episodes of CSI (Vegas, New York and Miami), Law and Order (Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent), and NCIS. And to add: Criminal Minds! I just love this team.  Moreover, I was introduced to some programs dealing with the paranormal, such as Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, and Paranormal Kids. I find these shows really interesting.

When I’m not busy watching the television, I’d be reading. I started reading, “I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced.” The plot has similarities with “A Thousand and Splendid Suns” which dwells about girls being forced to marry at  an early age. However, Nujood’s story is way different from the heroines in the latter book. I will be writing my thoughts about the book when I finish it.

US Trip, Day 6-8: Wedding Preparations and TV Marathon

wedding magazines, Sept 8, 2010, VA

The past three days (Tuesday-Thursday) were spent in between preparing things for my sister’s wedding and having TV marathon. There were tons of things to attend to and my sister asked me to check the guest list and the preferred dish/food of each guest. My mom also altered the gown that I’m going to wear because my sister bought it based on the measurements I sent to her through email. I only had the chance to fit the gown when I arrived here. It was good thing though that I lost some weight and the dress was a little loose on me. After a few stitches, the dress fits me like a glove. Thanks to my ever-talented mom!

wedding stuff, Sept 8, 2010, VA

It’s not all work. I had the chance to catch up on the shows which I have not been able to watch back in the Philippines. I really had a hectic schedule there that I didn’t have the time to sit down and watch my favorite shows. Here, I was able to watch some episodes of : CSI (Vegas, NY and Miami), NCIS, Law and Order. I realized that I missed a lot.

pew bows to be ironed, Sept 8, 2010, VA

We are going to Connecticut tomorrow, Friday because the wedding ceremony is to be held at Hartford, Connecticut on the 18th.