Mystical Heart (Edwina Gately)

I am not in the mood to write. I know, it’s the New Year and I should be writing stuff. But unfortunately, my mind’s not working. So, I decided to share with you one passage which I find to be very uplifting, inspiring yet mystical.  I actually came upon this passage when I occupied an office years ago. The previous occupant must have left this.

Mystical Heart (Edwina Gately)

Whatever happens to me in my life,
I must believe that somewhere in the mess or madness of it all, there is a sacred potential –
a possibility for wondrous redemption in the embracing of all that is.

For the unfolding of my journey,
in all its soaring delight and crushing pain,
I may be sure that God is there – always ahead, behind, below and above,

encompassing all that befalls me in a circle of deep compassion.
And there, above the darkness that wraps me round, the bright wings of the dove hover and beat in gentle healing love an invitation to new rising.

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