Rain, rain, don’t go away!

After so many weeks of dry and sweltering heat, it rained! The El Nino has certainly affected so many agricultural lands and has resulted in the shortage of power supply as manifested in the rotational power interruptions in the country. I’m certain that the rain is a product of cloud seeding, an artificial measure to address the aggravating effects of El Nino.

I just hope that the rain proved to be beneficial to those that it intended to aid.


Places I’d like to visit

It’s summer time. Time for outings and travel. I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to do it. But if given the chance, here are the top 5 places that I’d like to visit and spend my vacation.

1. BATANES. I’d like to see the ocean in this part of the country. I’ve seen photos of waves hitting rock formations and it’s just awesome. I’d also like to see the Ivatan houses and of course, meet some people there.

2. SAGADA. I’d like to see the hanging coffins and explore the caves and waterfalls. And yes, the rice terraces. I’d also like to go trekking, go on nature hikes and witness tribal celebrations.

3. BUKIDNON.  I have an acquaintance who spent his time in Malaybalay, Bukidnon before his ordination. He took magnificent photos and I instantly fell in love with place. I figured it was a good place to go and spend “me” time. Also, I’d love to visit the Monastery of Transfiguration, the home of the Benedictine monks and the Carmelite Monastery as well.

4. PALAWAN. Such a shame. I haven’t visited Palawan. I specifically like to go to Coron or El Nido. I’d like to explore the underwater caves there.

5. BOHOL. Chocolate Hills period.

Oh well. Just wishful thinking. 😉

The Heat is On!

The heat is really killing me. I just wish that the intense heat can actually make a person lose weight. If it actually is the case, I would have lost several pounds already. This only proves that I’m REALLY REALLY desperate to shed off those pounds. 😦 Bleh.

And the fact that I can’t seem to think and write. The heat makes me lazy. I know…excuses, excuses!

Oh well… 😦